Low Blood Sugar While Training??

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Hey fitness peeps,

I was wondering if any of you that are currently on a training program experience extreme low blood sugar symptoms after your workouts. Particularly even after your post workout meal, or the next morning even.

I've been getting some pretty serious episodes lately on my current 4-5 days a week mixed cardio/WT routine.

I double checked my caloric intake and even though I've got a little deficit going to drop about 5 pounds, I'm well within my recommended limits, and my protien/fat/carb ratios are good so I'm a little in the dark as to what's happening here.

As yet the general purpose internet has been no help (read: drink orange juice, eat more...DUH!) So I thought the IC fitness crew might have a little insight.

Any advice or comments are very welcome.


  • ZenModeZenMode Royal Oak, Mi Icrontian
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    I would speculate that it has something to do with the types of foods you're choosing - Thrax has a pretty good list of things to avoid when considering meal choices. In some instances, the ingredients are more relevant than the nutritional stats.
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    When you say "low blood sugar" are you talking about bouts with light headedness, extreme weakness after your workout, or are you actually testing your blood glucose?

    Either way, I'd definitely recommend seeing your doctor.
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    How many grams of protein per day, and what are your pre- and post-workout meals like?
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    Thrax wrote:
    How many grams of protein per day, and what are your pre- and post-workout meals like?

    130-150g protein per day.

    Pre workout would be a small snack, usually fat free yogurt or something like that, and the post workout meal is usually my actual dinner for the day since I work out directly after work most days. If it's a weekend workout I'll have yogurt smoothie with some fruit in it. The dinner is protein (fish or chicken) and carbs since I try to get most of my fats as early in the day as possible. I usually eat no more than an hour after my workouts.

    I'm not testing with a monitor, but I know they're low blood sugar symptoms from research, talking with the doc, etc.
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    Try eating grapes directly after or 8-16 oz of Gatorade during the last 15 minutes of your workout and finishing directly after.
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