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Has anyone dabbled in brewing their own beer? Joel and I have sort of jumped head first into it lately.

We started with an extract ingredient kit for a imperial stout which is in its secondary fermentation right now. We did a little sample of it and it is ok, nothing special. We brewed that before I had a good grasp of how different enzymes react at various temps and affect the attributes of your final product. And, we had some wild temp swings during fermentation that more than likely effected the final result. That will have had about a month in the bottle by Epic so i will bring some of that to pawn off on you guys.

Just this past weekend we did an all grain Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. This is a recipie that I made up so I am very excited to see how it turns out. I took much more care to monitor temps and hit all the marks with my final product in mind so if it is a good recipe it can be reproduced.

Sarah just planted some pumpkins so hopefully we will have some good stuff for a pumpkin ale in the fall.


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    Pro. I'm working my way up to starting some home brewing. Right now that means drinking Grolsch so I can have the sweet bottles. ;) Keep us updated. This is something I really wanna try.
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    As I don't care for beer, I have never dabbled in home brewing. I have, however, dabbled in home wine making. Made a few gallons of it in college. Ended up making some extremely strong, not great to drink but MAN would it mess you up. I also made a 5-gallon carboy of hard apple cider. That wasn't so bad except that it just started to turn slightly to vinegar when we drank it. Pity, because it was otherwise good. I think I'm going to try making hard cider again this fall.
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    I've brewed three Brewpacks kits so far - a London Bitter, Trappist Triple and Wheat Beer, all nice with the Trappist being the best.

    I got a new brew fermenting on Sunday actually - 15l of Brewferm Ambiorix a fairly strong Belgian affair.

    I've got the following in the pipline:

    Brewferm Diabolo - another heavy one, Christmas intended!
    Brewferm Grand Cru - as above
    Brewferm Wheat Beer - a lighter one.
    Coopers Mecixan Cerveza - Corona like clone
    Coopers Wheat beer

    So yeah, I have a strong inclination to the Belgian side of things, heavy beers and wheat beers. :D

    Oh I also had a go at some 'Turbo Cider' just before Christmas, lethal stuff!
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