My PS Commercial Script

RWBRWB Icrontian
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This will probably be my first movie I will create if I ever learn to make CGI movies, I came up with it while "sitting" in the "room". I hope you like it and it's resemblance to Planetside

*Immediatly begin Teenage child Voice in background*

**Meanwhile begin mock-advertisements transitioning from one to another slowly*

"Hi! My name is |)347h2U and I play Planetside..."

*Show close up of 12 year old dressed in Vanu Armor from shoulders up only*

"Today I have 50 confirmed Terran Republic kills alone, and only 2 deaths! Both of which were from Friendly-Fire..."

*Pan out to reveal the child sitting in Lawn Chair or perhaps Wheel Chair*

"Those TR troops are just so fun to kill! Like watching a Bug Zapper at work, except at your hands!"

*Show 3 Terran Republic troops running out of AMS Bubble in front of the child charging and shooting everything they have at the boy in the chair*

"Take these 3 guys here, they think that by charging me like this becuase I have killed them so many times before in the past 5 minutes is going to change the fact that they suck!"

*Child in chair picks up the VS Lancer rifle shooting all three TR troops dead instantly*

"Sure... eventually their pittiful weapons will cause me harm, but thank God the DEV team is on our side! They nerfed those TR guys so badly and made my weapons better to the point that even a MAX unit cannot hurt me!"

*Child puts rifle back in his lap*
*Pan camera to show shoulder up only*

"It's like therapy after a long day exausting myself in elementary school. Of course for these poor dead bastards, they'll need therapy after a day of playing this game!"

*Show logo for Planetside and ending credits*


hehehe, me hopes you likith me script


  • NixxerNixxer Nottingham, UK
    edited July 2003
    The dev team are nerfing everything. The jackhammer isn't as good now, because I can no longer slaughter 5 TR with their chain guns. Seems a bit fairer though.
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