Five reasons why you don't actually need a Mac



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    One huge reason that goes both ways for Mac is that they do have a say in what goes on their iPhones and Macs. PC's are open to anyone, and when that anyone learns to code BS stuff, on a PC you are through. I've been surfing the same websites for 2 years with a Mac that I did with a HP prior, I have not ONE of the issues that arised after heavy surfing. It's wonderful.

    Crashes are expected. Deal with it. You can buy a BMW or Landrover and they will still break down. It's technology, nothing perfect. But Apple seems to handle it way better.

    Macs do 'just work'. Granted it may take a week to relearn the system, but they are simple. SO MUCH more simple then PC software.

    Cheaper? Everyone knows you get what you pay for. I know your 600$ Dell is not as sturdy and pretty and solid as a 1000$ MacBook. Spend the money, it's worth it.
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    Personally, I like my rusty(ish) Dell inspiron :) It has only crashed ONCE in the three years I have been using it and that was only because I turned off my antivirus to do something and then I got a virus. But using a Mac, it crashes so many times. On Safari, I can't even load something like Facebook without it freezing. Sure, you might need to reboot a PC multiple times for updates, but at least there are updates.
    I still think of Apple as kinda dishonest because everything is so damn expensive and crashy and the only reason why they're selling is because of the pretty
    The only product of Apple that I'd actually consider buying is the iPhone or iPod touch, but even those are annoyingly expensive.
    I find the keyboards annoying because everything isn't where I'm used to and most of the commands are different. (And there aren't any tablets.)
    Needless to say, I'm going to stick with my trusty old Dell :)

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