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For vacations my family often goes with my aunt and uncle to their beach house located in Long Beach, WA. We normally have a good time drinking wine and playing games, but the real reason I enjoy going to the beach is all about the Pub House in Astoria, OR on the ride home.

Rouge beers are fairly popular in my group of friends and in the Portland, OR area in general. They have a ton of beers on tap (mostly their own) including the beer that Iron Chef Morimoto helped create for Rogue. They even had a "John John Dead Guy Ale" which my dad says is one of the best beers he has ever had, and it rates high on my love list for beers.
I of course chose to have a few sampler trays, a choice of four beers they currently have on tap. I had "Dead Guy Ale", "Double Dead Guy Ale", "John John Dead Guy Ale", and "Shakespeare Stout." I know it's kind of odd to have a darker beer whilst tasting some fairly hoppie ales, but the way I saw it, the stout would be more of a desert beer to the others. These beers were all life changing. I must say I fell in love with them. All the different variations of the same (dead guy) ale one would assume that they must taste similar, but no, I am here to tell you they are far from tasting the same. From the caramel notes of the Double Dead Guy to the high floral notes on the plain Dead Guy. Even the whisky hints in the Double came out as I finished my final sip. Ending it with the stout wasn't the best idea, but I did enjoy finishing the taster with a coffee like beer.

The food was amazing as well. I got my usual blu cheese kobe burger then moved onto desert...another taster.

This time I decided to try a more spread out variety of beer. I had the "Chipotle Ale", "Morimoto Pilsner", "Morimoto Soba", and finished with a "Chocolate Stout" The Morimoto Pilsner was good, but honestly nothing to cream your jeans about. I did like the Soba more, it had a more complex nose to it. I am all about how my drinks smell! The Chipotle Ale I could talk about for an hour about how awesome this beer was. I almost left the place with a case of it. The initial taste of the beer is what you would expect from any ale of that consistency in color and scent. The second I finished swallowing this beer and took my first breath I noticed something different. I had a small tingle in the back of my throat that quickly spread to the rest of my mouth. I felt as if I just ate a mild pepper :rarr: (love the emote). It wasn't so spicy that I wanted to stop, but it wasn't mild enough to the point that I would say why bother. It was by far one of the most perfect beers I have ever had. This beer made the Chocolate Stout taste even better than I remember. It prepared my palate for the true chocolate flavor in the beer. I loved it.
I would suggest anyone who lives in or visits the Portland, OR area go to a Rogue Brew House! The service wasn't the best but the beer and food alone are worth the trip!

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