FS 16gb Ipod Nano and 120gb Zune Cheap priced to move

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Selling a 16gb Ipod nano, My trust Ipod has been through thick and thin with me, Never failed me and It brings a tear to my eye to see it go But alas a 64gb Touch has replaced it and its services are better off serving YOU! I am selling it with the Cable and 2 cases, It has since day 1 been in the agent 18 clear case so it is in MINT shape.

Asking 80 shipped. ( thats a good deal since refurb are still 149 )

Next up is my Home theater beast. It was either always on the dock or in my car, My Awesome Zune 120. But not only will you get this piece of amazing tech, You will get the Dock, The remote the wall charger and wait for it! The car Kit still in box! Since Microsoft released the new Zune software it has been a Joy to use. It is still within the 1 year warranty and has been faithful as anything! Comes with all in the picture ( link below )

Asking 100 shipped

Heatware is Gnomewizardd ( have 1 blemish and the dude wont say how the MP3 player broke and Paypal and Hardforum Sided with me )



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