CF, or SDHC, or USB flash

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I have a new lappy at work. I am looking to put my working files on solid state memory.
USB is least cost, but I can't leave it permanently installed.
SDHC isn't a bad price, but how durable is it?
and what the heck are the various classes?

CF is really meant to be flogged, but pricey.

Give me your experience.
Right now looking at 32MB, the 64's are just too much money.


  • allenpanallenpan ThunderBay, Ontario, CAnada
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    err? none of the can be permanently install.... either is off usb port or internal/external usb to card reader, or internal pci to card reader to your memory card... (usually windows treat them as removeable devices, however, you can also do bit fix so it sees as a internal drive, but you lost the hot swap ability)

    for SDHC classes are mostly speed

    i have quite an experiance with all of them
    -i have a 200X CF 32GB for my SBC when was using winxp, now i changed to 8GB 300X win embedded, as speed is more important in this SBC

    > Centon 200X (30MB/s) 32GB
    > SanDisk Extreme 300X (45MB/s) 8GB

    -i have tried few different SD/SDHC wih my RISC SBC, and it turn out that 1GB is the best when i do system intergration and designorty of 2GB+ has some low level cell error, and they use the MBT to ignore or bypass it. this is unacceptable for my application. but as a storage any of them are good, still i decided not to go for SDHC, intead i went for SD 1.1; (SD 1.1 = stander SD, SD 2.x = SDHC)

    SD 1.0 max = 2GB
    SD 1.1 max = 4GB
    SDHC = 4GB+

    reason did not go for SDHC is b/c not all the SBC or even older card reader was unable to read SDHC but with SD1.1 it can read at least (some 1.0 implimentation can read but not write or it will write the frist 2GB space),

    > Kinsgon 1GB *3
    SanDisk 1GB *2
    SanDisk 2 GB MicroSD *3
    Curcial 2GB SD (this one is quite intresting, it use the high Density Chip with new Controller, which DOES NOT work with older card reader)
    Samsung 4GB SD *2

    as for USB memory stick... i made my own 16GB sticks off savaged Samsung NAND
    i am planning to build high performance USB base of SanDisk iNAND

    if you are intrested here is my little desig blog:
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