WTT unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9700 for T-Mobile smartphone

ThraxThrax 🐌Austin, TX Icrontian
edited October 2010 in Trading Post
I have here one unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9700. It is compatible with any network that uses 850/1900/2100MHz UMTS/HSDPA. In north America, that means AT&T, Rogers, Telus and Bell.

I am looking to trade it for any reasonably comparable *unlocked* 1700MHz device. In North America, that means any phone from T-Mobile, Wind Mobile, Cincinnati Bell Wireless or Mobilicity.

The reason I am trying to trade is because as (many of you know), I just moved to Canada. The cheapest non-contract carrier with the services I require runs $100/month for 1900MHz devices, but I could get that as low as $35/month for unlimited EVERYTHING if I had a 1700MHz device.

All I need is for the phone to get me through until dual core Android handsets land in Canada, at which point I'll get on a contract or something.

The Bold is practically new, save a small ding in the front upper right corner. It comes with everything in the retail box except for a USB cable. When I send it to you, it'll be reset to factory defaults and ready to roll.

If you're in Detroit, that would be even better, as we can trade without worrying about shipping or customs.
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