Tim teeters over the edge of greatness with 5 million

_k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian
edited November 2010 in Milestones
Tipping the scales with a bulking 5 million points Tim225 breaks into the top 10k of folders world wide.


  • TimTim Southwest PA Icrontian
    edited November 2010
    Thanks! And if you notice in my information, today is the SIX YEAR anniversary of when I started folding. 6.00 years, 5.00 million points!

    Unfortunately, the folding machines are getting shut down for a little while. I play SC2 on my main PC, and until I figure out the paged pool memory problem in SC2, I need all system resources available for competitive play.

    And my famed quad GPU folding PC has been running, but all 4 of the 8800GTs eventually failed. They just fail work units over and over. I sent 2 back for refunds and have 2 here. The 9650 quad core in it does about 3000 PPD, but I'm looking at the power bill and it is a bit high. Perhaps after tax time if I have some cash I'll restart it.
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