Need Help on Braille character recognition!!

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Hai is there any1 to help me with the braille character recognition.. i need to convert the braille characters into normal text by using matlab!!!

Its my final year project i really need a help because i dont even know how to start it... PLS help me with the source code!!!



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    You need to do your own engineering; we can only help with specific questions about MATLAB implementation. Writing MATLAB code is not unlike writing any other kind of code so all of the programming and software engineering you've learned in your study is more or less directly applicable. Once you've figured out your algorithm, come back and ask specific questions regarding implementation problems you're having.
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    Yea im doing my own engineering but since im having a hard time using matlab.. i feel kinda lost with it thats y...

    Alright actually i need to an array with 3x2 matrix representations of the dots.. to represent the letter numbers and punctuations.. How to start it?

    I adviced to use either region probs or BW label & centroid,locations to get the coordination of the areas..
  • hii,mimitha
    i'm a student of electronic and telecommunication departement at danang university in vietnam.
    i'm carried out final project to graduate at university : convert braille to text(english).i'm interesting for your project.
    i having difficult to converting braille to text(english) by using matlab.
    Can you help me for source code,please?
    thanks you very much.
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    You shouldn't really just be asking for other people's source code for an FYP you know? The whole point is you do it yourself.
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