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djmephdjmeph Detroit
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Everything was working fine with the system tray folding app, which I initially downloaded from here:

Since I'm running a quad-core processor, however, I decided to change to SMP client and used this guide to set it up:

My computer now locks up after a while, and it doesn't appear to be folding at all. I have attached my FAHlog.txt file. As you can see it gets to here:
[01:08:12] *------------------------------*
[01:08:12] Folding@Home Gromacs SMP Core
[01:08:12] Version 2.22 (Mar 12, 2010)
[01:08:12] Preparing to commence simulation
[01:08:12] - Ensuring status. Please wait.
[01:08:21] - Looking at optimizations...
[01:08:21] - Working with standard loops on this execution.
[01:08:21] - Previous termination of core was improper.
[01:08:21] - Going to use standard loops.
[01:08:21] - Files status OK
[01:08:22] - Expanded 764224 -> 1404481 (decompressed 183.7 percent)
[01:08:22] Called DecompressByteArray: compressed_data_size=764224 data_size=1404481, decompressed_data_size=1404481 diff=0
[01:08:22] - Digital signature verified
[01:08:22] Project: 6702 (Run 2, Clone 51, Gen 104)
[01:08:22] Entering M.D.
[01:08:28] Completed 0 out of 2000000 steps  (0%)

No problem, but then it seems to timeout here, and eventually the computer will either hard shut down or hard reboot on its own. Any suggestions?


  • djmephdjmeph Detroit
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    Also, I do not see any FahCore_a3.exe processes running in the Task Manager.There should be four, right?
  • djmephdjmeph Detroit
    edited January 2011
    Everything appears to be working now, but I'm still a bit confused. My processor must have been overheating because I had it overclocked, and now it has reverted back to the original setting. So far it hasn't crashed. My CPU is at 100%, but I still don't see the FahCore_a3.exe processes running in Task Manager. The log indicates, however, that progress is being made.
    [01:08:22] Entering M.D.
    [01:08:28] Completed 0 out of 2000000 steps  (0%)
    [01:25:17] Completed 20000 out of 2000000 steps  (1%)
    [01:42:04] Completed 40000 out of 2000000 steps  (2%)

    So, I think I may have resolved the issue, but if anyone can help out I'd like to know why I can't see the processes running in Task Manager.
  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA
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    There is only one process, which is the name you mentioned. I imagine it was some of the changes they made for the "new" smp that puts all of it on one process. You can run coretemp or HW monitor to see how hot your temps are getting. Folding tends to be a true test of overclock stability.
  • _k_k P-Town, Texas
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    That thread is slightly dated, so was the Quick and Dirty guide but I just updated to remove one line. Here is the Stanford guide for setting up SMP, which is actually dated at this point now and needs to be updated.

    Short set-up is this: Download the SMP client exe. Extract the contents of the zip. There is a single file, the exe. Place it in the directory you want, it can go any way but I always either stick in the active user's documents if it is a multi-user system or in the program files folder to keep with stand conventions. Click on the executable file and it will run. Fill in the appropriate information, Passkey is needed, making sure to go through advanced settings to turn on advmethods and put extra flags into the program(-smp -verbosity 9). once it finishes running through the config it will start running.
    Did the run down on install so you could double check if need be.

    If folding causes your computer to lock up you need to redo an OC or you have bad memory, could be something besides memory but this is generally the hardware failure that has those kind of effects.

    The reason you cannot see the process is because you launched it as a service, OS process, instead of a user process. I am assuming you are running Vista or higher from this statement since the fahlog is for a windows SMP WU, when you pull of task manager you need to view processes from all users or check in the services side to see if the Folding@Home service is started.

    I am looking that I could start in a few months, you got anything for me?!!!:vimp:
  • djmephdjmeph Detroit
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    That explains everything. Awesome.
  • 7im7im AZ
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    _k_ wrote:
    Here is the Stanford guide for setting up SMP, which is actually dated at this point now and needs to be updated.

    v6.3x is the latest client, so it can't be that much out of date. Please be specific. What needs updated, and I will see to it. Thanks. :cool:

    P.S. In your folding guide, step #1 says to download the 6.23 installer. That is no longer needed with the SMP v6.30. v6.30 behaves just like the CPU client. Download the EXE and run it. That simple. ;)
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