not able to run updates, get antivirus

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Hi, I am new here. My computer will not let me update any antivirus or run any windows updates. Also the google page and other pages redirect to different webpages. Also my computers won't start up at times and turn itself down. I have Avast antivirus, Zone alarm firewall and ran the malwarebytes program, the issue still persists. My brother's computer is in the same network and is also having the updates, antivirus issue. Any help will be appreciated


  • kryystkryyst Ontario, Canada
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    Start with obtaining a program called combofix. Once you run that then we can go from there.
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    I do have combofix, ran it last night, not sure it ran ok, the screen when into the scrensaver and i push a key, i think that interrupted it. What should i do
  • RyderRyder Kalamazoo, Mi Icrontian
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    Disable the screensaver and shutting the monitor off then run it so you know what happened.
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