FS Acer netbook ( 2gb ram ) & Nook color (2nd one )

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1st on the block is a Acer aspire one netbook. This little beast is a monster for a netbook. with its AMD Athlon II NEO 1.7 Ghz cpu and 2gb ddr3 ram ( upgraded ) and a ATI 4225 with a HDMI port its all you need for a mobile solution, Yes it plays SCII on low settings! It comes with the windows 7 starter key on it but IT has Ultimate on it now which Ill leave on it Also have original box, Was bought in august of 2010


Asking 300 shipped Obo

Next is my scond Nook color which is rooted to alow the android market place. It comes with a 8gb Micro Sd card and a full case. Its a beast but I Dont need it anymore. Works flawlessly. I can restore it to factory setting and have it unrooted if you wish.

Asking 260 Obo



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