WTB: Older box for FreeNAS (high end Pentium 4'ish)

Jammin1911Jammin1911 Icrontian
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Looking for a box to use with FreeNAS.

Needs to be in working condition without fans that make noise, etc..

Needs to have 6 SATA ports or 4 SATA + IDE

Needs to have 6 internal 3.5" bays

Not sure if this is an issue because I'm a noob but it needs to support 2TB

Not picky about specs: high end P4 is fine. 1GB ram is fine.

I'm located near Toronto, Ontario. Please provide a price with shipping (L6H6M8 can be used to provide a shipping quote) and a photo of the box (it will be visible in my living room so it cant look too dumb) and a photo of the inside of the box also if possible. I don't mind if they're manufacturer photos or your own.

Thanks Icrontic!

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