IE9 visual glitches...

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Hi. I just installed IE9 on my Windows 7 Home Premium (I had IE8). I noticed several visual glitches immediately. There is a solid black bar at the top of the screen near the tabs. There are issues with the scrolling bar on the right,'s invisible! The bar on the right is either a solid black color (see attachment 1), a solid white, or even a sliver of the previous webpage that I was visiting (see attachment 3). I can still scroll normally, however, using either my keypad or the "invisible" scrolling bar on the right of the screen. Also, on some web forms, the fields and checkboxes are not visible sometimes (for example, when I typed in the title for this thread, I expected to see a box where I could type it in...instead I had to "imagine" where that box was and type it in there). Would appreciate anyone's help...thanks.


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    Update graphics drivers, make sure all Windows Updates have been installed. That's a good start.
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    Did all of that..didnt help...
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    Maybe sfc /scannow. Something might be wrong with directx, assuming that is what is drawing those objects. you can post the results of dxdiag to see if stuff looks right in there. I'm out of ideas after that.

    You can try the following:
    Restoring Internet Explorer Scrollbars

    12fd34e298ab6a4453da9235eb89239a8e545a05_small.jpgRestoring the scrollbars can in most occasions be done quickly and easily, returning your copy of Internet Explorer to full working order.
    • To proceed, go to your Internet Explorer Tools menu, and select Internet Options
    • Next, click on the Advanced tab.
    • Depending on your version of Internet Explorer, you will have two options:
    • Internet Explorer 6 and earlier:
    • Click on the Restore Defaults button and follow the on-screen instructions
    • Internet Explorer 7 and 8:
    • Click on the Reset... button and follow the subsequent instructions
    Various security settings, privacy options, pop-up settings and toolbars and add-ons will all be reset with this option, while information such as home pages, web forms, passwords, history, cookies and temporary Internet files can be removed in the Reset Internet Explorer Settings confirmation dialogue box.
    Confirming this command should resolve your scrollbars issue, but note that information can be lost – resort to this option only when your browser is in an unusable state.
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    Thanks for your help...everything was so problematic that I just reverted to IE8, which is flawless I must say....thanks.
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    Very odd, no doubt.
  • I had also this problem in IE9, chrome.
    In IE9, "internet Option -> Advanced tab -> Accelerated graphics" , i enabled Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.
    This solve the black bar problem.
    Hope this help
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