1156 board and proc for sale

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Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD7 with Swiftech MCW30 NB block added to NB cooling system

Intel i7-875K proc (retail, which comes with no heatsink). BTW, this is the Lynnfield quad version with the unlocked multipliers.

The board comes with everything but the NB fan/riser heatpipe, which disappeared at the November Overclockers LN2 benching party. I do have the original crappy Gigabyte NB wb, but the Swiftech is much superior. And it doesn't have to have water cooling on the NB unless you are doing some extreme benching anyways.
Samuel 17 002a.JPG

This is presently in use as a crunching machine under water.

The price for this combo is$350 shipped.[/color]


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