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So lately there has been a disturbing lack of music and other sounds in voice chat so I started setting up HLDJ/HLSS in an attempt to remedy that problem only to find that nothing seems to be working. After some reading I found that because of a newish audio codec that Valve has put in HLDJ and similar programs are essentially dead. From what I've found it may be possible to correct that by setting the server to use the older codec with the command "sv_allow_voiceinputfromfile 1". What other effects using the old codec may have I don't know but I don't remember there ever being any problems with voice in all the months and years the old codec was in use and haven't noticed a significant improvement in sound quality since the new codec has been in use. With that in mind I'm asking whoever can help me with the possibility of resetting the server codec to look into it. Because really, TF2 just isn't TF2 without a little Bad Romance.


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    If you haven't tried playing them back on a single player/LAN map, that's something to try. At least make sure they're working on your machine until the server is properly configured.
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    I have, it seems to load HLDJ correctly and finds audio files but there is no sound output.
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