WTB: TI-84 plus

AranyicAranyic Casstown, OH Icrontian
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Anyone have a TI 84 plus they'd like to part with? I can get it for ~110 off amazon. I figure if anyone has one left over from school that they don't need any more I could save a couple bucks and put some money in someone else's pocket though.

I do have a TI-83 plus which is a small step down I believe if someone needs that one. I'd be willing to trade it + $10 or something which is the approx price difference.

I'm not sure if anyone uses heatware any more but I do have an account under aranyic. I'll probably just order one by Tuesday if no one is intersted so we have it by next week.

//edit: just to clarify the trade is just something I threw out there since it seems like schools change calculators like the wind. I'm expecting to buy one outright.



  • ErrorNullTurnipErrorNullTurnip Illinois Icrontian
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    Have you looked at TI-89's yet? They're a huge step up as long as you're upgrading.
  • AranyicAranyic Casstown, OH Icrontian
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    It's for my 14 yr old starting high school. I have a TI86 which will do all the same things as a TI84 I assume. But it'll make my life easier if he can use all the same keystrokes as the teachers show.
  • drasnordrasnor Starship Operator Hawthorne, CA Icrontian
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    If your student is thinking about taking AP math and science classes you might want that TI-89. It's the de-facto standard.
  • AranyicAranyic Casstown, OH Icrontian
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    I've got it taken care of, this thread can be cleared out/moved if need be.
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