Happy Birthday Mertesn!

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI
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Man of the year gets a year older! Woooo! Have a great day!


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    Happy birthday Mertesn, you really are the man! You've been the nicest person to DJ with. Thank's for being so good to Icrontic and I hope you have a real good birthday. Cheers!
  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Watch Slut, Mumble Hivemind Drone Austin, TX
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    +1 to a very worthy IC MOTY.
  • QCHQCH Ancient Guru Chicago Area - USA
    edited August 2011
    Happy Birthday, Nick!!!s
  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX
    edited August 2011
    BirthdayH MertesN!

  • LazarusXeroLazarusXero Illinois
    edited August 2011
    Happy Birthday!!!
  • RyderRyder Kalamazoo, Mi
    edited August 2011
    Happy Birthday!!
  • colacola part legend, part devil... all man Balls deep
    edited August 2011
    Happy Birthday!
  • UPSLynxUPSLynx :KAPPA: Redwood City, CA
    edited August 2011
    Birthday Happy Mert!
  • LincLinc Bard Detroit
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  • mertesnmertesn I am Bobby Miller Yukon, OK
    edited September 2011
    Thanks, everyone!
  • csimoncsimon Acadiana
    edited September 2011
    :cheers::beer::birthday::celebrateHappy Birthday. Woot!
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