Need help winning cocktail contest

RyanMMRyanMM Ferndale, MI Icrontian
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Some of you know I can mix up a pretty mean cocktail. So when the opportunity came up to enter a contest to come up with a cocktail recipe that includes a Michigan spirit, I jumped at the chance.

The contest goes through a voting round on the DrinkMichigan website, and the top 3 drinks (based on the number of unique comments on the drinks) will be presented to a panel of judges for the final decision.

I want to make top 3, because I know this drink is awesome.

But I need your help. Apparently, the 2000 spam bots and 100 humans following me on Twitter aren't listening much and I've only gotten a handful of votes. Some of my competitors, some of whom don't even know what the Internet is, have somehow managed dozens.

I need your help Icrontic. Go here, read the recipe, and leave a comment. Any comment. You can even say it sounds gross. By commenting, you've voted on it. But only leave one comment per person. I want to win this one legit.

I need a ton of help though. If you can send out a tweet or a facebook post or a Google Plus post about this (or retweet / reshare one of my existing ones), I'd really appreciate it.



  • TheAlertHuskyTheAlertHusky Victoria BC Member
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    Good lord! That sounds amazing! It's probably to late to vote for you but still! I would if the chance came up again

    Also I might borrow your recipe if you don't mind :)
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