[WTB] HP TouchPad 32GB or 64GB

RootWyrmRootWyrm Icrontian
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Yeah, yeah, a billion and three on eBay and so on. I'm gonna lay it out for ya - I'm not interested in dealing with some jerk who bought 10 so they could resell 'em on eBay. Nor am I willing to pay nearly double retail price.

I'm looking for someone who doesn't like theirs for whatever reason, and wants it to go to a loving home, and doesn't mind not getting $250+ for their 32GB. (If you've got a Unicorn 64GB, we'll definitely talk.)

If you've got accessories, especially the Touchstone Stand and keyboard, I will gladly take them off your hands for a fair price as well.

I'm looking to spend somewhere within the $125-175 range for the base TouchPad 32GB (the high end obviously being NIB, low end being 'early adopter with butterfingers.') and we can figure something out on any accessories. Sorry, no interest in 16GBs, or accessories separate from the TouchPad (until I have one.) Like I said: I promise it is going to a loving home that will likely use it for a very long time to come.

I have Paypal, but I prefer to pay by bank issued money order, check, or if you're between Cleveland and ICHQ, cash in person.



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