RAIDMAX Seiran PC case review

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    RAIDMAX is one of the old school "budget enthusiast" companies. Back in the day, it was the only option for an inexpensive case that looked "gamer". Now, there are so many great options on a budget from NZXT, Antec, Cooler Master, Sentey, you name it. In the last couple years, I have not purchased RAIDMAX for a build, the last one I did, the case looked cool, but the couple times I worked on the PC since it has not held up well, just poor quality, but we got what we paid for I suppose. I built with a RAIDMAX prior to that, and it's the only case that I cut the hell out of myself on in the last five years. We used to do it all the time, but properly smoothing or crimping the edges is just expected now, I've purchased $25 cases with better edges. I've been turned off by their stuff, but I'd check out the Serian, it looks like a step in the right direction, and going back a few years RAIDMAX did fill a gap and innovate in the budget space. At one time I built with allot of RAIDMAX stuff.
  • I cannot figure out for the life of me how to connect the case LED and fan cables. They are all that odd naked 3 pin head you have in the picture here, but I can't figure out what that connects to. The big fan on my case has a molex connecter... everyone else seems to have a different one.

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    If all you have are Molex and you don't have enough headers on your mobo to satisfy the fans you have, you probably need something like these guys to convert Molex to 3-pin.

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