Australian Christmas

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Australian Christmas is here!


Part One:

Part Two:

I'll be on the IC Server tomorrow at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. Let's try out the new CP map! There are lots of new Strange and Festive weapons, hats and misc to play with!

...and I want to open some Festive Crates. If you get a Naughty or Nice Festive Crate in a drop and you don't plan to open it or trade it away (They are currently getting 1-2 reclaimed), I would appreciate you throwing it my way so I can pop it :bigggrin: I can open the crates on the IC server if anyone is interested in "watching"



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    So @crazyjoe and I figured out how the Pile O' Gifts works. Everybody gets one, and when you equip it and use the item, everybody on the server gets a free present (up to 23!).

    Unfortunately, we blew ours on each other... And another Pile O' Gifts is $14.99 on the Mann Co Store :bawl:

    Anyways, when you use the item, make sure you do it on a full server :p
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