[BLOG] My WoW experience - Day 1

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I downloaded the 4gb installer for the 10 day trial, and when that was finished, sat through 5 more patches of various sizes. All told, the game took almost 35 minutes to install on a fast computer and a mega internet connection. No love lost.

The opening movie was chill-inducing, and very epic feeling. I found myself wishing the game looked like the cinematics. Some of the environments I saw in the opening movie remind me of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

Knowing absolutely NOTHING about the Warcraft mythos, I am coming into this with a completely open mind; the story so far seems to be that good and evil joined forces to combat some menace and then turned back on each other?

We'll see.

I let the game auto-assign a realm to me. I found out realm = server in this case. I've been assigned to "Alleria".

It took a while. I read every single description, Horde and Alliance (these are the two factions), and chose a male Tauren Druid. I guess that makes me Horde

I named him Kaitolainen (Finnish mythology - the son of the God of Metals who sliced the serpent's tongue with his spear, thus causing the forked tongue of snakes)

Looks like they start me off in a village with some basic quests. The interface is already confusing, and I haven't done anything yet.

I go forth to do battle :D

I got to level 5 tonight, did some minor "intro" quests, learned some of the basic mechanics of the game, and am now ready to leave my home village to check out the wider world.

There were only three other people that I actually spoke with, and all three were just as new as I was. All three of them asked me how to do certain things, but I was only able to help two of them. Made me feel all pro and stuff :p

My initial thought is: This is fun, I can see why people like it, and I won't become addicted to it. I can see it wearing out after 10 days.


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