[BLOG] My WoW experience - Day 4

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The memory of myself bowing before the mighty druid Turak Runetotem replayed in my head.

"Rise, my young druid. Go forth. Travel to Moonglade using the spell I taught you. Seek out Dendrite Starblaze. Find the Great Bear Spirit. You are ready to begin your true training. I have faith in you."

I still couldn't believe what had happened to me in the last few hours. My entire life had changed. We stop to think about the color, flavor, and texture of our lives, and realize that they are defined by the moments leading up to this one singular instant, but when the moments change so drastically and our lives take on entirely new dimensions, we are quick to forget what things were like before.

Before, I couldn't fly through the skies of Azeroth. Before, I couldn't teleport myself to faraway lands. Before, I couldn't turn into a Bear.

Even though it has been mere hours since the old me, I am already forgetting what it was like to not be able to do these things.

As I rested in the inn on Thunder Bluff, I recounted the last few hours of my new life.

I had been taught a teleportation spell by the great druid. I remember the sheer terror the first time I began singing it. I really had no idea what would happen - even though countless Tauren have gone through this before me, I still had the sick core of fear that told me something would go wrong, that my body would be destroyed forever by this powerful, reality-bending magic. My body grew lighter and lighter as I neared the end of the song, and I felt a flash, as every fiber of my being jolted. The feeling lasted only an instant. When I opened my eyes, I was in a dark forest - the Cenarion Circle outpost of Nighthaven, in the land of Moonglade. I could barely believe it. The implications flooded through me as my entire world just got much, much smaller. I saw myself suddenly as having significance in the world - somebody who could do something.

The shock of appearing instantly in another place was slow to wear off. It took me quite a while to gain my bearings. I was surrounded by druids. Druids that didn't spare a glance for a lowly one such as myself - as they were all powerful and wise, carrying weapons and wearing armor as such I could barely imagine. A living tree walked by me and I yelped in surprise as his Tauren face turned to look at me askance, and I swear I detected a hint of sentimental humor, as a grandparent looks at a child who learns how to add 1 and 1 for the first time. As I shook my head to resolve the image of a tree with a Tauren face, I realized I was standing before the home of Dendrite Starblaze.

Dendrite told me where to find the Great Bear Spirit. I walked into the forest for a while, immersing myself in the alien land, with trees taller and bigger than I had ever imagined possible, seeing strange glowing insects, hearing birdcalls I've never heard before, and being stunned at the utter different-ness of this place, having grown up on the great plains of the Red Cloud Mesa. Earthmother was truly incredible.

I came upon the glowing Great Bear in the middle of the night. I felt immediately at peace when I saw his ghostly form. I approached with no fear and as he looked into my soul, I felt the rightness of my path.

He spoke to me, further cementing my belief, and honing the edge of my faith into the sharp sword of righteousness. For the briefest moment, I saw the path of my entire life as a druid, growing old, gaining power, and knowing that I would become a force for the protection of nature in all of Azeroth. Just as quickly as the vision of my future came, it was gone.

I trudged back to Dendrite's abode in Nighthaven, where I was told to return to Thunder Bluff.

Thunder Bluff was the length of a continent away! I had no idea how to begin getting back. As I meandered southward, mentally preparing myself for the weeks-long trek of walking back home, I came across a Tauren in front of a circle of wood. The circle was filled with windriders, and the Tauren hailed me. He introduced himself as Bunthen Plainswind and told me that as a service to young druids, the Cenarion Circle offered free flights back to Thunder Bluff, on the back of a wind rider. I could barely believe my luck.

In a night filled with eye-opening experiences, the impact of seeing the varied lands of Kalimdor sail peacefully below me in my nighttime flight through the continent I lived on was not lessened in any way by the other things that had happened to me in the last day. I saw the Felwood, I sailed over villages, creatures I had never seen before, deserts, and rocky spires. The wild variety of lifestyles and landscapes inspired me further. All of this was the Earthmother, and all of it my charge.

I arrived sometime after dawn on Thunder Bluff. I wearily made my way to Elder Rise to speak again with Turak Runetotem. I told him of my experiences and he nodded sagely before giving me my final quest - travel east, far east to the Barrens. There I would find a moonstone, and I would use it to summon a creature called a Moonkin, and I would have to defeat it to complete my training. He handed me some magical dust to sprinkle on the moonstone.

I walked further away from home than I have ever been (not counting my unusual cross-continent jaunt to Nighthaven), to meet the Moonkin named Lunaclaw.

Finally I climbed high into the hills of the Barrens and saw the moonstone to my right. I approached and used the dust on the stone. Nothing seemed to happen, but suddenly I heard a roar behind me and before I knew it, a giant Moonkin was upon me.

The battle was short. I was far stronger than I thought. I made quick work of the Moonkin. Even as the body slumped to the ground, a spirit rose out of it and congratulated me on passing my test of strength of heart. She pointed to a village just east over a small rise, and I made my way over there. I approached Camp Taurajo wearily and found another flight master. This time I had to pay, but I was able to quickly reach Thunder Bluff on the back of a windrider.

Again I returned to Turak Runetotem. He bade me go forth to protect the Balance and rested his hands on my shoulders. My eyes closed, my head filled with images of fur, claws, teeth, and blood. Suddenly I knew. The knowledge blossomed in my head in an explosion of color.

I bent down - my arms grew stronger, my fur grew coarse, and my snout elongated. My teeth grew sharp and I let out a mighty roar.

I had become a bear.


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    *administers 40 CCs of TF2* 6 days left! your going to make it!

    On a more serious note, you are falling for this game very quickly, and this blog is becoming an educated WoW fan fiction >.<

    bet you were surprised to find the Lich King patch, or does that not apply to anyone pre-BC or trial?
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
    The Lich King patch does apply to trial accounts. I had my ONE TALENT POINT unassigned and also noticed the knockback for spellcasting during combat has been reduced, which made my life a lot easier.

    I think the prose "fanfic" style is done. I don't know how much more of this I can take :p
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