[BLOG] My WoW experience - Day 6

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As I venture out away from the starting area, I'm beginning to get a sense of how amazingly huge this world is. Their slogan "It's not a game, it's a world" seems appropriate.

I entered a new area last night and got 8 new quests. Considering I spent 2 hours on getting the requisite "12 raptor heads" for a single quest earlier, this is getting a bit frustrating.

I get the sense that many of these early quests are designed to do nothing more than help you level up quickly. Every quest involves killing x number of creatures, and are given at such times that when you start killing said creature, the battle is difficult. By the time you finish collecting the x beaks, heads, paws, claws, feathers, what-have-you, you are scything through them with barely a glance at your health bar. You bring the 12 heads, 8 beaks, 6 feathers, etc back to the quest giver, and you get almost enough experience to push you to the next level when you combine it with the xp you got from killing all the creatures.

Not every creature drops an item either - so to get 15 centaur bracers, for example, Ipmala and I had to kill maybe 40 centaurs.

I had a great sense of accomplishment as I cleaned up the remaining "collection" quests last night in a particular village. I went to the next village to deliver a package (another quest) and was given 6 NEW collection quests. It was very frustrating. Back to killing 20 more panthers so I can get 8 claws.

Ipmala and Kaitolainen got into a bad situation last night - we went into a cave that we were not ready for. We didn't know it at the time, but the cave entrance usually has many monsters guarding it, preventing characters who are too weak from entering too deeply. A group of 3 lvl 70 characters went in there right before us and cleared the path. We got in deep and then when monsters started respawning, we died instantly. We spent nearly an hour dying, respawning a bit closer to the entrance, and dying again. For a quick minute I despaired of us ever getting out. I got out first and then waited by the entrance for another strong character to come by and clear the entrance so I could go in and help my friend get out. High drama in the Barrens :D

I see the beginning of the end of my interest in the game - mostly due to the repetitive nature of the quests. This has always been a problem in RPGs for me - read my FFXI review back in 2004 - at some point, there are only so many variations of the "get the thing and bring it to me or to him" theme before it gets very old.


  • First of all, your Day 5 post was a little like being thrown into a glass of icecubes after reading days 3 & 4. You immersed me in your fantastic wow world of words... and I want more! You could easily be a wow novelist!

    I'm suspecting the big bad cave was Wailing Caverns? If you want to be a true wow gamer, you've got to run it at least 10 times. Seriously if the repetitive quests get to you, you should be doing the level appropriate instances instead. Personally, I've learned to love the repetitive quests because I use them to help me sleep... no thinking involved, just one kill after another.

    I don't think you should give up on wow until you're into your 40's. The game changes for the better when you have a mount. Plus... I want to keep reading about your WoW experiences!
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
    Well if you want to sponsor me, feel free. I'd play if it was free! :p I'll continue writing fanfic if you pick up the bill :D
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