[BLOG] My WoW experience - Day 7

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More quests, ad infinitum.

Nothing new in the game except for a seasonal event - today I noticed that there were pumpkins and ghosts all over the town I was in. Turns out that it is the Hallow's End event from October 18th - 31st in Azeroth. In every town there is a pumpkin full of candy that confers special benefits to your player, such as increased attack power for 30 minutes, etc. A neat trick that helps remind people that this is indeed a living 'world'.

I was walking through the town of Crossroads tonight and a player came up to me and challenged me to a duel. I looked at him and saw that he was a level higher than me, but I was feeling saucy so I accepted.

I didn't know what to do next, and he was all over me in an instant, attacking me with an axe. I cast a spell to hold him in place and then stepped back so he couldn't hit me, and proceeded to pour nature's fire into his face. I did this three or four times, healed a couple of times, and ended up defeating him. Yay!

Later in the night, I saw an announcement stating that the Crossroads was under attack. I didn't really know what that meant, but I was heading that way anyways. When I got to town it was chaos - there were characters everywhere, fighting the town guards, the shopkeepers, and other players. I noticed by hovering over a few of the antagonists that they were all level 70 characters. Me being a lowly 16, I felt that I had nothing to do with this high drama, so I just went on my merry way. Next thing I know, I got hit with something, I have no idea what - but one hit killed me outright. I thought "HEY... I thought I was on a PvE server!" PvE = Player versus Environment. I thought I couldn't get attacked by other players. I must have been wrong. I got slaughtered instantly.

When I respawned the melee was still going on. Horde members were rallying other Horde members to the town and it was turning into a full scale war. It was actually entertaining to watch, until I realized they killed the shopkeeper I needed to see. I mean, he was dead. This was a new experience for me. They "broke" the game for me by killing a key non-player character.

I really didn't know what to do, nor did I know how to resolve my issue. I walked back to an old town - VERY far away. When I got to the old town, I flew back to the Crossroads and realized that the battle was over and the NPCs who were killed had respawned as well. Whew.

Three more days. I've met a few more people, and I've gotten a decent grip on the single player experience. I've still not raided or done an instance or a dungeon, but there's still time.


  • For me town raiding is insanely fun. Run into a town with a big group of friends, kill everything, and then laugh as everyone tries to go about their business but can't. Its too much fun to be a dick in game. That's also why I only play on pvp servers anymore. While you may get beat up by higher level chars, eventually you will be able to do the same thing to other people. Plus it just makes sense for the horde and alliance to be able to fight each other.
  • TimTim Southwest PA Icrontian
    People say the game begins at level 70. I never really believed that until I had a level 70 Hunter. Now I can fly on my 280% Turbo Roflcopter, do arena battles to get good PVP gear, daily quests, do battlegrounds for more good high level PVP gear, etc.

    It's also fun to go to Hellfire Peninsula where all the 58-61 "lowbies" are, and make high speed low altitude passes over them! Sometimes if one shoots at me I'll kill him for more entertainment.
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    Its been a while since i've played WoW. But a nice easy low-level instance that you and Ipmala might be able to do is Ragefire Chasm. Look it up. Theres always people running it and its a good introduction to group mechanics in instances.
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