[BLOG] My WoW experience - Day 8

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Well, I've gotten to level 20, so I feel like I've seen a fair amount of the single player experience. We got to our first "instance" last night which was far, far too difficult for me alone. Since I have a trial account, I can't group with my friends, so when we went into the instance portal, we got separated. I wasn't ready for it, but it seems like it would be fun for a group of people.

I find myself more and more wishing I DIDN'T have a trial account, because the things that they remove from the trials, like auctioning, trading, grouping, and otherwise socializing with other players in any meaningful way, are really appealing aspects of the game.

They did a good job with the trial - it's enough of a taste of the game for you to be intrigued at what you're missing.

Now that I'm sort of low-to-mid level, I find that the difficulty of the quests is ramping up, and I'm having to travel to far away lands. Dying is more and more punitive because when you die you have to "walk" your ghost back to where your body is, and sometimes that can take up to 10 minutes if you are in a really screwy place when you die. It can be VERY aggravating.

Starting to wind down and pick and choose what I do based on the fact that my character is going to "die" in 2 days. Sort of how I started going 'crazy' in Final Fantasy XI at beta's end and giving stuff away. Unfortunately I can't give stuff away in this game because I'm a trial, but I can challenge level 70 characters to duels, blow kisses to tough guys, and act silly.

I intend for Kaitolainen to go out with style :p
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