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Canadian TV network Showcase.ca recently ordered 8 Episodes of "PurePwnage TEH TELEVISION SERIES" scheduled to premiere in 2010.
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It is unclear at this time if showcase will start airing with season one, or if they are picking up where the current program has left off. The summary given by showcase.ca describes a mix of season one and some story lines that dont exist "Jeremy starts his own rock band, becomes a video game tutor, and attempts to socialize with his co-workers at a grocery store."

Details are very limited to whether worldwide viewers will be able to stream the show as they have for the past two seasons, or if they will have to turn to torrents, or wait an entire season for the dvd release.

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  • Gate28Gate28 Orlando, Florida
    WIN. too bad its Canadian =(

    I've been a member of the Gamer Army since it was founded.
  • Heh, a few of my friends were in a PP episode a while back...
  • TimTim Southwest PA
    Trailer Park Boys episodes are easily available on LimeWire, all we need are for some Canadians to record the PP episodes and upload them to LimeWire. Problem solved.
  • TimTim Southwest PA
    Also, all their lame excuses aside, it is absolutely inexcusable how the PP crew has not produced a PP internet episode in over a full YEAR now.

    I tell them this and what needs to be done to fix it in their forums but they don't seem to respond to it.
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