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LincLinc BardDetroit Icrontian
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Threads & posts are now "discussions" and "comments".

You can mention other users Twitter style: @primesuspect (and they'll get a notification unless they disable it)

You can paste YouTube & Vimeo links and they will auto-embed the video.

You can change your notification / email preferences on your profile. Click your name in the top right, then "Edit Preferences" in the sidebar.

You can unfollow categories. It will be hidden from the Categories tab, and all its discussions will disappear from the All tab. To see categories you've unfollowed, go to the Categories tab and see "Category Management" in the sidebar.

You can upload a far bigger avatar (now "photo") for your profile.

Announcements flow like normal discussions on the main page, but stick to the top of their respective categories. This is so we don't have 500 stuck discussions on the main page.

PMs are "Conversations" in Vanilla and kinda work like iPhone SMS. All your discussion with a person is grouped together and can be cleared any time. From your Inbox, be sure to CLICK one of the listed items on that page to see the rest of the conversation.

You can add people to an in-progress Conversation via the sidebar. They will see all previous messages in that Conversation.

Vanilla saves auto drafts (for both comments and discussions). This just saved my ass because I accidentally cmd +Q'd my browser as I was writing this discussion. If you have saved draft comments, they will auto-populate the reply box. You can manage drafts via the "Drafts" tab that will appear on the main forum page (it hides if you have zero drafts).

Likewise, the Bookmarked tab will only appear if you have bookmarked discussions (click the star) and the latest 10 you bookmarked will also appear in the sidebar for convenience.

You can "Dismiss" an announcement and it will put it back in normal discussion order.

We're just getting warmed up. :) Now that we're on the system I spend every day coding on, incremental changes will be coming regularly (no more 2-year projects). Buckle up.


  • kryystkryyst Ontario, Canada
    What about google+ functionality. I know I've seen some tie in for it on other vanilla forums.
  • LincLinc Bard Detroit Icrontian
    edited December 2011
    @kryyst There are Google, Twitter, OpenID, and Facebook login abilities. I'll probably enable it for Twitter, maybe Google. Was there other functionality you were talking about? (Happily, there are enough plugins now I'm not sure if I'm missing some Google-related ones)
  • kryystkryyst Ontario, Canada
    The ability to link a thread directly to google+ directly from a topic. I could have sworn I saw that functionality on one vanilla forum when I was doing research for setting up my own.
  • LincLinc Bard Detroit Icrontian
    @kryyst It's entirely possible, but it's also possible they didn't open source the result. Let me know if you see it again.
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