An adventurer, a legacy, and machinations of old

LincLinc OwnerDetroit Icrontian
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Deep in the recesses of the web server, he feels its presence. Somewhere, amongst the cobwebs of years of neglect, there is a tiny folder as old as his development career. Intuition draws him down the file structure to a long-forgotten archive folder, then further still, down to an unassuming subfolder named 'leo'.

He gently blows the dust off its contents, and inspects his trove. Like a chest of antiques, it is both beautiful and not of this world. A solitary log file remains, left by the last time this engine turned over. Its sole contents reads "New Milestone for Oct 8, 2009 at 5am: lsevald(icrontic) - 20M".

Javascript files of amazing complexity, signature background images and, yes, even Flash files slowly give way to the real treasure: stats parsing files, database loggers, and milestone sniffers. The contents look like the clockworks of antiquity - out dated, and needlessly complex. The headers read "//SM Integrated Stats, v1.0" and bear dates from 2008 and earlier. But, their logic is sound. Once, they powered an empire.

"I can refactor you," the adventurer whispers. He gently pulls the code down to his desktop, and carefully begins the cleaning. "You will be beautiful again."


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