DENSO Start/Stop technology and fuel efficiency

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Hey guys,

My friend Nikki is doing PR for DENSO, and she sent me a press release that struck my eye as being pretty intriguing:
Stop/start systems stop the engine when the vehicle is idling at a stop light or in other traffic situations. This helps reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Depending on automaker specifications, the technology can help improve fuel efficiency by approximately 3 to 7 percent. And, DENSO has future stop/start system technology that will bump that up to 9 to 13 percent depending on the automaker’s overall systems approach.
So basically your engine shuts off and starts up extremely fast when you're idling.

Here's the good bit:
How it works:

The AE works like a typical starter – when it’s energized, the pinion shifts forward, engages with the engine’s ring gear/flywheel, and immediately spins.
This starter is considered Not Change of Mind capable because the engine rpm needs to drop to zero before re-engagement and engine restart can occur.
To survive the 10-fold life increase required for stop/start, the AE includes key design features like dual layer, long-life electrical brushes, as well as a unique pinion spring mechanism that reduces ring gear/ flywheel wear by approximately 90 percent.
Pretty cool stuff, thought I'd share.


  • Thanks for sharing, B. :)
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    It will be interesting to see how these hold up in high traffic stand still and inch by inch traffic. That will be a lot of wear on the part but this is where the most benefit will be achieved ...I assume.
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