You have less than three months to pay you last respects a.k.a. MAGIC and wax's Tough Mudder Thread

waxwax the neroberg Icrontian
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In the summer, I was derpin' around on my out of shape 205lbs-ish ass when my former Army Ranger co-worker approached me. He asked me if I wanted to join him and his ex-military buddies Tough Mudder team. Curious, I looked the event up and laughed. 12 miles up and down hill with obstacles designed by British Special Forces? I'll pass, I'd like to live to see 30.

Months flew by and I found myself getting into shape via dieting and exercising. In late December, I started running. Mostly because I hated it with a passion my whole life and wanted to conquer it. The Detroit Half-Marathon sign-ups opened shortly after and decided to register. Having 9 months to train meant more than enough time to be prepared! Right? The next day at work I was bragging to my co-workers that I had registered for the Half-Marathon. The ex-Ranger later approached me, mocked me for my over-sized/ill-fitting business casual and once again asked. I told him I'd consider it. Going home that night, I listened to this Radiolab podcast and decided this year was the year of the Double-Dare physical challenge. After posting about my registration on Facebook, MAGIC inquired and decided to join along in the fun.

With less than 3 months to go, I'm setting aside my usual workout routine and focusing on improving my 5mile time as well as doing the suggested Mustache Man Training. CrossFit is still an option, but I'm going to try the suggested training first.

The Michigan Event Page & Course Map

If you are interested in driving down to Ohio for spectating/cheering us on, you can buy spectator tickets for $20.



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