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  • ardichokeardichoke Icrontian
    Seems that being a bit more mindful over the 2nd half of vacation, and getting exercise walking on the beach and frolicking in the pool/ocean paid off. Got home Sunday, weighed in yesterday. I lost all the weight I gained over the first half of vacation and another 1.2lbs on top of that.

    Them digits:
    Total lost: 44.6lbs
    Avg weekly: 1.7lbs
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
    Gained 10 pounds since Taiwan (Taiwan, Expo, Yellowstone trip all in a row) yeesh. Either way, I'm back to losing

  • ardichokeardichoke Icrontian
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    Been really working the plan the past couple weeks. After vacation I really wanted to hit it hard and get some poundage off. We also got some new motivation for losing weight. A furry 4-legged companion with an abundance of energy.


    This guy pretty much requires a daily walk (or two), much time playing ball in the yard, as well as lots of training work, otherwise he gets a bit manic. All this extra exercise chasing him around has been paying off though, I had a huge 5.4lb loss last week and a smaller, but respectable 2.6lb loss this week.

    Total: 52.6 lbs
    Avg Weekly: 1.8 lbs
  • JBoogalooJBoogaloo This too shall pass... Alexandria, VA Icrontian
    Awesome stuff, man! Keep it up!
  • The weight loss has tapered off a bit the past month. Part of that is because I'm not being as strict with myself as I had been. I've been averaging a bit over a pound a week since my last update, which I'm okay with at the moment. Going to be cracking down a bit for at least the next month though as the fiancee really wants to drop some weight before she goes to try on wedding dresses in October.

    Total: 57.2lbs
    Avg Weekly: 1.7lbs
  • MiracleManSMiracleManS Chambersburg, PA Icrontian
    Keep it up man. Still going strong.
  • JBoogalooJBoogaloo This too shall pass... Alexandria, VA Icrontian
    Great to hear, Ardi! Keep it up dude, push push and push on!
  • NullenVoydNullenVoyd Orlandish Icrontian
    If my (very rough) calculations are correct, assuming this weight loss trend continues for 3 years, you will... weigh almost -40lbs, and... will need weights to keep you from floating off-world??

    But seriously, this is inspirational work man, very good job!
  • Update time.

    I've settled into a very steady pace the past few weeks. I gained .4 lbs the week after my last update, but have lost between 2 and 3 lbs every week since.

    Total: 72.4lbs
    Avg: 1.8lbs/wk

    If I maintain my current average lost per week, I will hit my goal in exactly 32 weeks. I have a new goal to work towards as well. Run For Your Lives is coming to Michigan (Flint, MI to be precise) on Sept 7, 2013. I'd like to be in good enough shape by then that I can enter it and complete the course. Losing the rest of this weight will help, but I definitely need to start training as well.
  • Quick update. Gained 1lb last week, lost 3 this week. I'm now .6lbs away from hitting 75 lost. That leaves me with 55.6lbs left to lose until I'm at a "healthy BMI" (inb4 "BMI is bullshit", I know, I need to talk to a physician about what my ultimate goal weight should be, but until I do, I'm shooting for the top healthy BMI for my height).

    Started doing couch to 5k. Did day 1 last night and day 2 this morning. My legs feel like rubber, but I love it. I never thought I'd say that about running, but there ya go. I want to be ready for the Run For Your Lives next fall in Flint, MI. (Anyone want to join my team? @Magic?) I'm going to need to be in solid shape to survive that one, especially if my sister runs it with me, as she is a personal trainer.
  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
    You don't even need to talk to a physician. Shoot for a body fat of 8-16, which you can measure yourself, and you're gravy.
  • Aaaand I've plateaued really bad. 0 change in weight since my last update. I'm sure it's probably because I've been gaining muscle from c25k (and the core workouts as well)... but it's still frustrating as hell. I'm .6lbs away from having lost 75lbs. I know they're just arbitrary numbers, but those milestones feel important to me.
  • Woof. I've been stuck on a plateau for 4 weeks. Every week I stepped on the scale to find I was half a pound away from 75lbs lost. I went in this morning thinking, what with Thanksgiving and all, I'd surely be the same (or have gained weight) this week. Boy was I wrong. Lost 3.4lbs over the week of Thanksgiving, busted my plateau finally and smashed through my 75lb milestone.

    Total lost: 77.8lbs
    Avg: 1.7lbs/wk

    I'm sure this was all my imagination, but I was at the gym last night starting week 5 of C25K and I swear I could feel that I was lighter. This weeks 5 minute running intervals were somehow easier than last weeks. Of course, I suppose that is the point of C25K in the first place, right? I may actually survive Run for your Lives next fall after all. Exciting. At the rate I'm going, I'll hit my goal weight in approximately 30 weeks. That's assuming my goal weight doesn't get revised upward (which I have the feeling it may be, since my current goal is based off BMI which is dubious at best).
  • AnnesAnnes Tripped Up by Libidos and Hubris Alexandria, VA Icrontian
    W5D3 - Just shut the eff up and do it. :-D
  • The holidays slowed me down a bit (go figure) but I've continued to lose weight.

    Total: 81.4lbs
    Avg: 1.6lbs/wk

    I'm down to the last week of c25k. I was supposed to do it last week but my workout got derailed by a rough head cold. There was no way I was going to be running when I was struggling to breathe at rest without hacking up tons of phlegm. TMI? Deal with it.
  • BAM. Just finished couch to 5k. Including my warm up and cool down, I managed 3.26mi in 40 minutes (on a treadmill obviously). Go me.
  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian
    Nice job! That's 3.25 miles more than I can walk ;D
  • JBoogalooJBoogaloo This too shall pass... Alexandria, VA Icrontian
  • RyderRyder Kalamazoo, Mi Icrontian
    Way to go Ardi, this is some serious dedication. Congrats.
  • Quick update, I've reached my 1 year date in this journey and am down exactly 83lbs. A bit short of my (probably unrealistic) goal, but an impressive feat nonetheless. I have 47lbs to go. Here's hoping I can hit that by mid summer.
  • JBoogalooJBoogaloo This too shall pass... Alexandria, VA Icrontian
    That's great news, man! Keep it up!
  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
    Awesome work, Ardi. Seriously. Lots of people talk about losing weight, half-ass it for 4-6 weeks and go right back to their old habits. You've truly proven your dedication. Never give up, man.
  • Looks like I'm back to firing on all cylinders here. I've lost another 7.5lbs over the past 4 weeks and have now topped 90lbs lost. Haven't been to the gym this week (stubbed my toe so hard on my coffee table that I could barely walk on it, feeling mostly better now so it's back to the gym this week). It's been a while since I posted a pretty graph, so here you go:

  • Lost another 1.4lbs this week. Major milestone hit though, I now fit into 36 waist jeans for the first time since either middle school or early high school (hard to remember which).
  • JBoogalooJBoogaloo This too shall pass... Alexandria, VA Icrontian
    awesome man! Great job!
  • MAGICMAGIC Doot Doot Furniture City, Michigan Icrontian
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    Wow, that's very admirable. Congratulations. Nudes?
  • entropicbeautyentropicbeauty Grand Rapids, MI
    Awesome job! I've been on a plateau for 4 weeks and it's driving me crazy, great to see you're keeping the steady pace even when you do hit the rough patches.
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