Two AMD HD6950 2GB reference cards for sale.

fatcatfatcat Mizzou Icrontian
edited February 2012 in Trading Post
Not just one, but two of the rare, elusive HD6950 2GB reference video cards for sale.

One is a Sapphire, the other is an AMD engineering sample.

Both have had BIOS 1 flashed to the Sapphire 6970, with all shaders/clock speed/power unlocked.

BIOS 2 on each card has been left at default HD6950.

Both have been running perfectly in CrossfireX 6970 mode.

$400 for both. USA only. PM me if interested. I will only split if there are two buyers. Sale will be of the video cards only. No accessories. I may be able to be talked into including the XFire bridge if your motherboard didn't come with one.

Think about it, you are "in theory" getting 4 video cards for $400 :D



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