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As many of you are aware, one of the hinges on my laptop broke. I'm now looking to sell this working, albeit no longer really portable laptop. To be clear, the laptop turns on and runs just fine. It gets a little warm during GPU intensive tasks, but no more than your average laptop. The only problem with it is 1) the sdcard reader doesn't work, and hasn't for some time and 2) one of the hinges is broken, so I would recommend setting it up somewhere and leaving it there or using it for parts (unless you're good with bondo and epoxy in which case you might be able to repair it).

Core i5 430M
Radeon 5850M
15" 1680x1050 display

Photos of the damage:


I'm asking $350 + shipping for this, but am open to offers. Fair warning, I already have one offer for this, if no one beats it by the end of this weekend, it will go to that person.


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    1) What's the battery life like?
    2) How well does it game?
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    1) Battery life isn't the greatest. I get around 1.5-2 hours of normal use with wifi. Around 2-2.5 without wifi. Playing Minecraft over wifi, it will usually last around an hour.

    2) It games very well, especially for a laptop. This thing was billed as a gaming laptop by MSI and it lives up to that. If it weren't for the hinge breaking away from the bezel, I wouldn't be replacing it in all honesty.

    Just keep in mind, unless you fix the hinge/bezel this thing really won't work in a portable manner. Opening and closing the lid repeatedly, in the condition it's in currently, will result in further breakage.
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    Thanks for the reply :D
    If I grabbed it I'd be doing so to take the frame apart and do something to fix it; either modding it into a briefcase or giving it a new lid or something. I'll mull for a bit and pm you.
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    Last call for offers on this. Come 11:59pm Sunday, it is sold.
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