The ASUS G73JH nightmare turns into a happy ending. Maybe.

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    I cannot even comprehend how many multiple levels of failure had to happen for this experience to take place. I mean, it seems like the techs were probably just as frustrated as you were, but damn... wrong motherboard? Bad RAM? How do these things even happen? This experience is a window into something that ASUS needs to address from the top down; a deep level of failure in their support structure that is fundamentally flawed. Bad RAM should never even make it to the support bench, just for starters.
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    This is an amazing story. I really hope that the new one holds up. I have visions of expensive hardware making a graceful arc into a trash bin if this one fails.

    Like Brian said, the multiple failures involved in your experience are just staggering. Hardware, logistics, record-keeping, all things that should be solid in any established business completely out of whack.
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    You know, after a few burns on motherboards and a bad laptop, I've basically resigned from dealing with ASUS anymore. There was a time when I'd tout them as The Motherboard To Get, but not anymore. This just reinforces that sentiment. =/
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    After I bought a factory dead motherboard from ASUS I won't use them again. This experiences tells me I've made the right choice...
  • Your experiences with ASUS are shockingly similar to mine with MSI. There were so many times that I wanted to be able to reach through the phone/Internet and slap the person I was dealing with for all the inconvenience they were putting me through. Your story, as well as my own, is why I will never be buying another laptop from a Taiwanese company.

    Hopefully my HP (when it gets here) will give me a better experience than my old MSI or your ASUS did.
  • Alienware is the same too. USB acting fancy, froze for no reason on self sleep mode.
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    This story has me questioning my loyalty to ASUS. For the most part I have always purchased ASUS motherboards for the past 10+ years, and I have been thinking about buying the Transformer Prime. Despite the horrible experience that Nick had, I have always felt that ASUS tech support was not worth dealing with, which is why I always buy them through retailers that cover the warranty. I definitely will not put myself in a position where I have to deal with ASUS tech support directly ever again.

    This is a huge, systemic problem within ASUS that needs to be resolved. Heads should roll. People should be fired. I don't understand what happens that brings a company to this level of incompetence, but their loyal customers are going to continue to jump ship unless something changes.

    This is an embarrassment for ASUS. The Icrontic community is strong, and the readership her is pretty vast, but the company can still recover from this ordeal before the same story pops up again on a bigger site where millions of people will read it within a day.

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    Also, that girl in the picture... look how many fucks she gives.
  • I had the Have the same problems with this laptop. They put all the best stuff together in a notebook, but thing is they don't work together, and first buyers are testers... I even gave up RMA each time they replace a harddrive and clean install, this way I can work on my notebook for 2 weeks again!

    Its not all bad, thanks to asus I learned how to paste my GPU! (they weren't even pasted when I bought them)

    Also same thing: touchpad broken and I work with an idiotic clavier!
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    Glad to see that you may end up with a much happier ending after this ordeal. ASUS lost me after I ordered their G53JW-A1 as a pre-order in 2010. The damn thing's power adapter pin broke a year later (well-known poor design flaw with this series) which couldn't have come at a worse time (not living where my desktop was, school was mid-session, etc...) It was this simple poor lack of design for a such a, then high-end, laptop. Then the touchpad ribbon issue (another well known poor design flaw) was preventing many (not mine...yet) from even turning on, WTF ASUS? It was their complete disregard for such minor things in a $1k+ plus system that has completely turned me off from ASUS. Their support is beyond horrible as well (my experience). So, now that I have a sweet non-mobile laptop acting as a desktop, ASUS can eat it. I went MSI and we'll see how it does.
  • I'm an ASUS G73JH user 4 times RMA, 3 times for replacing Motherboard and 1 times for replacing HDD. But unfortunately the last RMA they doesn't had the same/equal HDD. They (ASUS)swap my Sagate Barracuda 500GB 7200rpm with Hitachi 500GB 5400rpm. I bought it more than 2 years ago and every 1 year this junk is repaired at ASUS service center. Today my HDD is failed again....and my warrant is already over.
  • This was a great article, sorry about your troubles!

    I have a g73jh-rbbx05 that I got off ebay from parts unknown (I think it was a US BestBuy model) when it was brand new, I re-pasted the CPU and GPU for funzies due to forum recommendations but have not touched it otherwise, works like a dreamboat, still going after having it's arse handed to it for 2 years plus, never had a single issue... and I had someone give me a free G73jh a few months ago because it was too big for them and they already had a new laptop, but the 1080p blueray bluetoothed model (unsure of the model) and it too has worked like a gun for 2 years, no worries, never had a failure on either of them... makes me want to buy another ASUS haha, but I will keep this story in mind.

    Best of luck in the future!

  • mertesnmertesn I am Bobby Miller Yukon, OK Icrontian may be time for another chapter :(

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    I think I speak for all of us when I say


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