Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and the AMD GPU support conundrum



  • Maybe if you put the GPU renderer CPU into the opencl text file for CS6 it would work. I have a 5770 and my GPU renderer is Juniper which I put in to CC opencl and it registered it and worked. I don't know if it works for CS6, but try it out.
  • I installed CC7 alongside CS6.

    CC7's gpusniffer.exe recognized my Radeon 6630M (switchable) with 1GB dedicated and launched with OpenCL support without a hitch. Incidentally, %errorlevel% still returned a 14.

    I tried copying gpusniffer.exe and its 29 DLL dependencies over to CS6, just in case it would launch, but no dice.

    3 side notes:
    -the opencl file in CC7 now lists a bunch of code names for the ATI cards and mine, "Turks" was listed therein. "Turks" does not appear in the CS6 file.

    -gpusniffer.exe exists in the After Effects directory, but the output is different.

    -OpenCL support in Photoshop CS6 was greyed out before installing CC7, then was available and stayed available after removing CC7.

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