OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid review

mertesnmertesn I am Bobby MillerYukon, OK Icrontian
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  • QuadWhoreQuadWhore Toledo, Ohio, U.S. Icrontian
    That is absolutely incredible... I need to get one.
  • I'm impressed, but something about the looks of it, mounting a spinning disk that way, it just seems like an RMA waiting to happen. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  • mertesnmertesn I am Bobby Miller Yukon, OK Icrontian
    I've been using it for about four months now, and haven't had any issues. I've also used many 3.5" hard drives oriented sideways like this. There isn't much of a risk unless you reorient the drive while it's running.
  • That is good to know because I'm highly intrigued by the design concept. Managing multiple drives is kind of a pain.
  • Mt_GoatMt_Goat Head Cheezy Knob Pflugerville (north of Austin) Icrontian
    Hey Cliff, If it were mounted in a tower it would still be horizontal! And only in a desktop case would it be verticle. But as has been mentioned, drives can be in any position and function well.

    These look like something I may employ in an upcoming build. Good work Nick!
  • I don't mean it in the sense that its horizontal, it just seems like allot going mounted under that PCB, then transferring the vibrations and heat in a space that for many of us has a giant video card seated right above. I love the design concept, PCIE SSD's are amazing and for me a 1TB drive pretty much covers my program and game needs, even music and pictures, I'd only need a little space for some movie projects on a 2nd drive so it would be a really nice solution for me. I'm really tempted to invest in one.
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