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I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, bought in Norway. It has never been rooted or tampered with in any way. It does have a few apps, all downloaded from Market. The problem I have is that whenever the phone boots after a shutdown, just after typing in the pin, the following message will appear: "The process has unfortunately stopped" (translated from Norwegian). I can choose between pressing "report" and "OK". When I press "OK", the same message appear again. Pressing "OK" again removes the message and the phone works like normal until shut off again. The message has appeared since I bought it in March, but I never gave it much thought.

I googled the error message, but most of the results were for rooted phones. I'm wondering what would cause this problem, and if it even is a problem? As mentioned, pressing "OK" twice removes the message and the phone will work just fine.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Norwegian/European)
Android Version: 4.0.2
Language: Norwegian
Service Provider: Telenor


  • Straight_ManStraight_Man Geeky, in my own way Naples, FL
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    Looks like the root cause is corrupt process set and/or corrupt user configuration. Unfortunately I do not have a Samsung phone of any kind to experiment with.

    Possible a Samsung-sanctioned app is corrupt in a recent version on your phone. You might try upgrading the app set. That might or might not fix.

    This "looks" roughly like a kernel error in early windows looks-- cause was always something conflicting with the kernel (that started when windows started up on powerup) and fix often was wipe and reinstall of windows, then gradual reinstall of software until something broke then yelling at devs of broken software and distributors of same until the writers patched it.

    Same thing roughly is being suggested in what I read. Unless you backed up an older (pre-error) set of apps and Samsung core software and can roll back to that and then GRADUALLY re-upgrade with a backup before each upgrade to find out what broke things, I would see if there is a way to get your provider to help with a rollback to stock stuff they know works.
  • SnarkasmSnarkasm Madison, WI
    It's not a significant issue, it's a cosmetic one. If it doesn't force close continuously forever and it ends up working, it's just an annoyance. You can flash back to full stock if you really want to, but I doubt it's worth the bother.

    (How often do you reboot your phone, out of curiosity?)
  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA
    Try solution here
  • JokkeJokke Bergen, Norway
    Thanks for the comments. It's been there since i got it, so I'm not sure a complete reset will fix it. I reboot maybe once a week, and as I've said, it doesn't seem to cause any problems, I just wondered if it was an issue and if there was a quick fix. Will try your solution later @Tushon.
  • ThraxThrax Professional Shill, Watch Slut, Mumble Hivemind Drone Austin, TX
    A complete reset could more than easily fix it.
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