Sequel to Audiosurf

edited May 2012 in Gaming
So I have been playing Audiosurf for about a year now and I haven't grown tired of the game once, especially because I have started playing the puzzle characters recently. This past March Dylan announced a sequel to the game called Audiosurf Air. There will be new graphics and probably new characters to play. On top of that, Audiosurf Air is powered by Unity3D which means an entire new game engine since Audiosurf uses QuestViewer3D. The original looks like you are riding in the sky or the air (at least that's what I think), but the new game has a water skiing theme behind it. So it looks like it's just an entire re-build of the original and not just an expansion of it. I have heard rumors that the beta test version will be released around June/July this year. I am really looking forward to the new game!
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