MS Server 2008 deleting (really deleting) old share names

HW_HackHW_Hack North of Kalifornia
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I've been fiddling around on setting up some shares for different groups, and in then blowing away the shares. But it seems that even though I deleted the shares, those old share names are still retained somewhere in the system. I can make new folders with the same name(s) I used before but the old share names are not available.

Example - I create a folder called science - I go to share the folder and the name the system suggests is science~. In my earlier tests I did create a folder called science and shared it with a share name of science. I deleted all of that but now if I try to change the science~ to just science (with no tilda) I'm told that share name already exists. So somewhere there must be a file of old share names that is not being cleared.

Any help would be appreceated


  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA
    Are you using vanilla MS Server 2008 or a variant like SBS? How are you creating the shares?
  • CycloniteCyclonite Tampa, Florida
    If you want to check existing shares out there, go to Administrative Tools > Computer Management. Expand Shared Folders > Shares. It'll show you existing shares and there mapped locations.
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