Valve confirms Dota 2 will be free-to-play

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI Icrontian
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  • UPSLynxUPSLynx :KAPPA: Redwood City, CA Icrontian
    Not surprising, they couldn't have possibly competed with Lol and HoN without being free.
  • colacola part legend, part devil... all man Balls deep Icrontian
    Pay to win.
  • IlriyasIlriyas The Syrupy Canadian Toronto, Ontario Icrontian
    Till you die.
  • ChoochChurch4252 K-Pop authority™, Pho King Madison Heights, MI Icrontian
  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX Icrontian

  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian
    Continually relevant:

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