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Long story short, our high school had a tech teacher create a new site for us using drupal. He did a great job but as usual he moved on to a different school. As the tech support guy I've been "supporting" this for a couple of years but I'm no drupal hack. Also this site is running on some unknown and mostly unsupported server provided by a deal between a local education service district and a local state university. Bottom line is this was an experiment for us and its time to move on. Or more simply back to servers maintained by our district before this site or the server permanently blow a gasket.

However, we do like the flexibility that a web2 system like drupal gave us. Specifically the ability to have several different authors who could login and add content to specific areas of the site. Also the ability of the principle to login and do a simple blog. No more having to upload to make changes etc.

The reality is that the district servers are setup for classic web1 uploads which may be the reality we deal with. Do any of the newer web packages offer any web2 like features such as multiple authors and editing on the fly ? My feeling is no but I wanted to ask. I suppose if we have to we could fake some of this by perhaps embedding a blog or feed from some other web source into specific areas of a standard web site.

Thanks for any and all help ... and yes our district does run some kind of a CMS for their main site but that is not offered to the schools. We may eventually get access to MS Sharepoint but I have no experience there.


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    Current website for comparison?
  • Joomla or Wordpress. Do the kids a favor and don't waste their time teaching them any custom district cms.
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    I'll second the Wordpress. From what I've seen on the interwebbytubes lately, it's about the most relevant thing you could teach on, and it's very well supported.
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    WordPress can be a site as well as a blog and you can have comments on or off, as well as restricted to moderation. Here is a strict site on WordPress:

    Just an example of tons of them out there.

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