Uncraftable Weapons Collection and the Keys to it

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Here is an article that is gaining popularity in the trading game by trolls trying to rag on peoples trade threads:


Give it a read. It describes the creation of three key items in an Uncraftable weapon collection. I wrote a response. I'll put it here in a spoiler in case the site happens to get a surge in comments and it is lost.

While I agree with your rational of suggesting these items are worth about 2 keys each currently, the way it was presented was 100% Troll. Signed with a open arms for the haters. For that, shame on you "TF2World Team" and credit to all the readers ( -2 ) for not falling for it and creating accounts to flame this post. The way this was presented was slamming these items as worthless "in your opinion" and then at the end saying "well maybe they have value but we don't think so." It is rather insulting to collectors and as I will explain these collectors are your target audience. This is no better than the trolls you mentioned on TF2Outpost. Quite worse as it is going to effect your website.

As a collector of all the things, I see value in these. You simply can not get these items without trading as of now. It is also only a couple months after this happened. Remember the Vintage Conch and Fan of War? Shit weapons but because they are rare and collectors want to have "A complete vintage set" then that creates quite the demand. We watched those go from bills to buds in about a week and then 1.5 the next week. Now you would be stressed to find someone who would let them go for 2 buds. Now I am by no means saying these uncraftables are going to get that high (a supply of ~300 is quite different then a supply of ~10000+) but there is indeed a limited amount of these items available.The TF2 user base grows every day (TF2World's target audience) and many of them the first thing they get is uncraftable weapons from the Mann Co Store. That plus the collector bug causes demand as uncraftable weapon collections take form, it's a cheap set. The three weps described in the article are the Keys to that set just as a '09S VDB is the key to a Lincoln Cent collection. In my opinion the demand will rise. Because the supply can not go up with it, the price will go up. Or maybe it will stabilize at 1-2 keys. Sure going to be fun as hell to watch!

Thank you for allowing me to share my opinion along with yours. Have a great day.


Wondering your thoughts?



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    "People still try to sell them and even use the Mann Co. Store Package as an excuse, but do not get sucked in, cause note that the sellers has probably been trying to sell that or those weapons for quite some time now, with no success."

    I can't read stuff like this.

    Edit: OK I read it.

    This to me is just classic economics, and the TF2verse is a fun one to watch because people are learning econ in a fun non-traditional way. Regardless, there is no price regulation and to the non-serious or first time traders who lack a feel for price the traditional demand/supply laws don't matter.

    The supply of these uncraftables is low. The demand, I'm assuming, is also somewhat low otherwise the writer of that blog wouldn't be upset. So the price will work itself out, and there is no need for people to get mad about the outliers on the price curve where people either got a good deal or got screwed. Low supply and low demand generally results in stable mid-range prices.

    I wish we had access to some data so we could see the mean price that each of the three items has sold over a period of say 6 months. We could then compare that to the same time range for the mean price of all items sold and see what the deal is.
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    The article seems like it was written in a state of anger or stupidity. I'm not sure which.
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