Minecraft Hide and Seek

d3k0yd3k0y Loveland, OH Icrontian
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So I was thinking of setting up a game of hide and seek, and I was curious what you guys though of it and if you had any suggestions/advice for such an event.

So here are my ideas thus far:
Players have about a minute or so between each round to just chill, talk, and pee. Once that minute is up everyone gets teleported down to the map. One of these players is pulled aside, and placed into a small sand "trap". Server counts down once a player is put into the trap, only 5 seconds or so, then everyone else is allowed to run through the map and hide. 30 seconds after that happens, the sand trap falls and the player that is IT goes and tries to find them.

My thoughts are between making everyone have the auto-hide mod put on them (server side) to hide their names, or during the 5 seconds of "pre-gaming" have a bunch of signs set up that lets people change forms, into creepers, skeletons, anything they want for the most part. Changing into something other than Steve hides their names as well.

Now the big question I have is, should it be set up almost round-robin style, where everyone gets a turn to be the seeker, and once the loop is done the round ends. Or whomever is found and tagged first then becomes IT, and it just goes for five or so rounds and ends. Or swarm style, where each person that is tagged joins the "IT Crowd" (lol reference) until only one person is left standing, then maybe a short timer (15 seconds) to find the last person. If they can stay hidden they win, if not they lose.


  • MrTRiotMrTRiot Northern Ontario Icrontian
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    Round Robin (practice, no eliminations)->Single eliminations (1v1, winner advances)->Group rounds (split into teams of equal people, top 1 or two per team advance)->Final Match

    This style works well from what I've seen in various different applications. Provided we can get the participation needed for it to work, takes quite a few people...

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