Zombies, Run!

JokkeJokke Bergen, Norway Icrontian
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Hi all.

I'm not too active in the fitness part, but I've stumbled across a mobile app that has made running fun, for me at least.
I run 4-10 km every other day, depending on how I feel that day, and I feel it's a chore, and I hate it.
However, I came across an app called Zombies, Run! on the Android app store (Google Play?) the other day, and after testing it I wanna run every day.

The story and concept is simple, and you've heard it before. The world has been overrun by Zombies. As the only survivor of a helicopter crash you need to make it (run) to Abel Township while being chased by zombies. From there you will perform various missions. The missions involve running. The game requires very little interaction from you. Just start the app, start walking/running and listen to the story progress. You have the option to turn on something called zombie chases, which means that from time to time your path will be blocked by zombies, and you need to find another way. I don't have that option (I'm running on a road surrounded by swamp and marsh, or big cliffs and salt water) So I just pushed through. Underway you will also collect various items. These can be used to upgrade Abel Township after you're done running/walking. The app will also track your run with speed, time and distance. The game will synchronize with the website and you can see a very detailed overview of your walk/run.
It costs money, but in my opinion it's worth it.



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