Need some help setting up my home before I leave

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So as some of you know I'm moving out to Indiana next month and I need to leave my parents set up before I do. That entails leaving them some kind of media server and the ability to VNC in to every computer in the house.

For VNC I have TeamViewer in mind but I don't know what to do with the server. I need something that will serve out media to a Boxee box in the TV room but I'm not sure if to just load up the PC I'm leaving with HDD's or get a NAS. I feel like going the NAS route to save on energy but I wouldn't know which one to get, how many bays and what HDD's to get.

The other thing I'm unsure about is Usenet downloads, including SABnzbd, Sickbeard and CouchPotato. Do I put that on the PC I'm leaving or is there a NAS that can run it on the cheap?

Current set up at home is:

Dad's laptop
Mom's laptop
The PC that I'm leaving that's in my room
Boxee box in TV room

Any help and suggestions is appreciated.


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    Not sure if you'd call it cheap, especially if you have a PC laying around already, but I have a Synology 210j NAS that I use to run SABnzbd and that comes with a very slick desktop-like UI fully manageable from a browser. It also does torrents, out of the box. I started getting Sickbeard running on it at one point, but kind of wandered off from that.

    Oh and also, this NAS is what I use to supply media to the living room TV via a WDTV box, and backup all the laptops in the house. I'm pretty sure the Boxee box is as good or better than the WDTV, though. I also have an external SATA dock connected to it with a bare drive dropped in that I swap occasionally with one at my inlaws' house for offsite backups of the backups and media.

    You might also be able to find a PogoPlug for cheap ($20-50), and you can run a bunch of this kind of stuff from a thumbdrive or a decent USB external drive. Hacking one of those to taste will trade some $$$ for Linuxy elbow grease, though
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