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Hey guys, well I recently have been trying our the Mod-buddy program for the steam-workshop to create some mods. I found it to be kinda easy to use, so I've been thinking of several ideas for mods, one of them is to add new units and other stuff to the Modern (Atomic, and Information too). I feel like the warfare in those era's are really lacking some stuff.

So here's some ideas that I will be trying to create!

EMP (Electromagnetic pulse)

I assume everyone knows what an EMP is, if you don't then it is basically launched using a missile and shuts off power and damages all electronics such as computers and phones, it also takes out planes in the sky.

Well anyways this part of the mod pack is a very powerful Nuke like weapon. It is built in a city and requires Rocketry and Computers to use. The EMP uses Uranium+Iron to be able to produce one. You cannot have more then 1 at a time.

The EMP is fired like a nuclear missile and has the range of one, once fired on the city of the players (or AI) choice it will go up into the sky, then 5 seconds later it will be seen blowing up above the city, which will send rays of blueish- clear like light in all directions. The effects are the city getting cut off from trade routes, it will not produce any gold, science, culture, production, food and faith for 2 turns, and the player will not be able to build anything in the city for 2 turns as well.


The sniper is a new type of warfare tactic in Civ 5 (I've never seen an assassin like unit). It is sorta like an assassin, it is able to sneak through enemy territory (it walks in like a regular unit) and is able to assassinate Great people and is able to sabotage enemy armor and any aircraft in a city destroying it in one hit.

If you recruit 3 snipers you are able to morph them together, having a 3 sniper squad which does all the same as a regular sniper, but is able to kill an enemy land infantry unit in 1 hit (This will reveal the sniper to the enemy). Also if an enemy unit walks on the tile the sniper is on, then the sniper will be revealed to the enemy.

Well here's the ones I wanted to share with you guys, I'll have ton's more to share as well!

Please give me feedback and some advice!!!!!
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