Netscape v7.10 released Today (07-01-03)

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<a href="; target=_blank>The Inquirer</a>: <b>Netscape v7.1 Review</b>

<i>"NETSCAPE 7.1, based on Mozilla 1.4 came out officially yesterday, after a long rumored development process. Since the 7.0.x releases of Netscape, Mozilla has gone through some very important changes. From the base rendering engine updates to the built in spam filtering, it has started to leap forward with startling quickness. Meanwhile, Netscape has lagged. It is several versions behind the latest Moz, and its age is starting to show. As of 7.1, they are back in sync, and the product is looking good."</i>

Read the review <a href="; target=_blank>here</a>

<a href="; target=_blank>Netscape v7.10 download page</a>


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    Well I for one am happy with IE and adshield, but if this is really such a kickass browser, someone let us know so I can try it.
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    Firebird > Mozilla > *
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